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MY VIEW ON THE MATTER: Education is the foundation of the growth of our state. Educating our citizens opens up doors to their success. I will continue to support all areas of learning and training that will build infrastructure, technology, advancement  in health initiatives, environmental resource research, and new innovative ideas that bring new, high income career choices for our citizens.

•The education of our youth is the basis  for successful adults. Our student’s parents’ partner with us to provide a well-rounded education. They depend on  our school systems to help them prepare their children for life. 

•Standard statewide curriculum. Including all national testing options.

•After school programs.

•Enhanced Daycare and Preschool protocols, regulations, and review boards.

• Upgrade our sports programs and healthy living curriculum (Pop Warner, YMCA, etc.)

•Update School lunch program regulations

•The ability to advance your future through education is something in life that allows you sour. We want our students to continue their high education in our Universities and Technical schools. We also want to retain them for employment in our state as well as make them sought after around the world.

•Curriculum in the leading fields around the world as well as needed fields of study need in our state.

•Scholarship, grant, apprenticeships and loan options for all fields, households, and stages in life.

•Upgrade campus living at all state university campuses

•Upgrade sports team programs and healthy living curriculum

•Build mentoring programs to partner with our after school programs

Housing Assistance

Housing Assistance

Fourteenth Amendment - Rights Guaranteed Privileges and Immunities of Citizenship, Due Process and Equal Protection-Section. 1. All persons born or naturalized in the United States and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No State shall make or enforce any law which shall abridge the privileges or immunities of citizens of the United States; nor shall any State deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws.


MY VIEW ON THE MATTER: Housing options for our citizens is a fundamental, basic right. No matter the reason you find yourself homeless in Delaware I want to get you home. I feel that defining the root cause will give a better chance to sustaining not only a roof over your head but a place to call home. Home is a place where we find love, security, strength, support, and relaxation. These are all attributes that give a better foundation and chance at that American dream. I want this for all the citizens of Delaware.

Seniors-Whether you stay in your home, move to assisted living, nursing home, or with a family member. Your right to be safe, cared for, provided for, and mentally and physical healthy is my priority.  I want to explore options for our seniors who are dealing with loopholes in the system that hinder them from receiving the assistance they deserve with out losing their assets that they spent a lifetime preserving. I want to work to create them options that make sense and provide respect and consideration to all their needs including health, insurance, HOUSING, medication, food, discounts, support, entertainment, and most importantly housing. All these options and services should be available to them and the families that support them in an efficient and concise format in a way that offers dignity and quality in life.  

Military-As a military veteran I understand that our military professionals have sacrificed so much for our rights and our freedoms.  I will do everything I can to continue to support their lives and their families.  I also want to support the families who have supported our military personnel. Continuing to offer HOUSING for our veterans is one way to show them we care.

Disabled-(Mental, Physical)- Working with our disabled communities to provide HOUSING and support services is what my wife and I do for a living. I would like to work with the providers in our state to provide the best quality services and housing for the needs of this population. I will work with these professionals to provide service to their residents and their staff to support the care of these citizens and their families.  

Addiction-Whether you suffer from opioid, alcohol, or prescription drug addiction I want to provide programs and coverage to assist you in your recovery.

Discharged prisoners-I want to recreate a comprehensive “Life Skills Program” to support inmates being released from jail. I want to incorporate training, internships and apprenticeships throughout the state, at all correctional and juvenile centers. This will give them the opportunity to be productive member of society.

Foreclosed-I feel for citizens that are going thru losing their home. No matter the reason I want to provide support in the HOUSING process from the application to the receiving your deed. It is important that we assist our residents no matter where they are in the homeownership status. I see citizens all over our country losing their homes for all types of reason however we need strong, intuitive programs to assist citizens in homeownership process. If it is insurance, warranties, services, financing, or bankruptcy and foreclosure we want to be preventative so that our foreclosure rate is minimum. I would like to see it in the low single digit percentage. Last year it was 37.7% for bank owned homes. Losing your home is one of the hardest things to experience especially when it renders you homeless with nowhere to go. 

Blight-We have blight throughout the state, we want to make sure we preserve our historical landmarks and restore our abandon neighborhoods and commercial storefronts. This can open-up opportunities for HOUSING for homeless, restore our property values, bring jobs, beautify our lands, and bring sanctuary and hope to our communities.

Sanctuary state-Delaware has a wide population of immigrant residents. I would welcome the opportunity to show them the open arms America has always shown to newcomers. Our residents of Spanish decent are welcome to seek Sanctuary here in Delaware if I take office. I would work to give them social centers to help them go thru the process of citizenship, get medical assistance, get employment, education for themselves and their children, food and HOUSING. Restored housing could be used to house our new out of state residents until they are established in their new homeland.



•Minimum Wage/Living wage: I support the expansion of House Bill 105 to increase the minimum wage rate in Delaware. I also support House Bill 252 which expands minimum wage rates for workers who collect tips and wages. I will work with our current leadership to champion this effort to provide an adequate living wage for citizens to prosper their dreams and goals in life, and to support their families to live with hope.

Criminal Justice

Criminal Justice 

MY VIEW ON THE MATTER: Williams's approach is rooted in direct community engagement. He seeks to understand the concerns and desires of Delawareans by actively meeting with community leaders and individuals from all walks of life. Williams is determined to serve the people and move forward to make positive changes for their well-being. He wants to affect the voice of the people by increasing voter turnout and registration for our future election events.



Wrongfully accused House bill 196 to give compensation

Oppose capital punishment death penalty hb 299

Give support to incarated to deal with life outside of prison

Gun regulations registration support amendment

Policy and regulation around injustice to minorities and people of color


•End for-profit greed in our criminal justice system, top to bottom by: by banning for-profit prisons and detention centers, ending cash bail, and making prison and jail communications, re-entry, diversion and treatment programs fee-free.

•Ensure due process and right to counsel by vastly increasing funding for public defenders and creating a  formula to ensure populations have a minimum number of public defenders to meet their needs.

•expanding the use of alternatives to detention

•Transform the way we police communities by end the War on Drugs by legalizing marijuana and expunging past convictions, treating children who interact with the justice system as children, reversing the criminalization of addiction, and ending the reliance on police forces to handle mental health emergencies, homelessness, maintenance violations, and other low-level situations.

•Reform our decrepit prison system, guarantee a “Prisoners Bill of Rights,” and ensure a just transition for incarcerated individuals upon their release.

•Reverse the criminalization of communities, end cycles of violence, provide support to survivors of crime, and invest in our communities.

•Ensure law enforcement accountability and robust oversight

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